Monday, January 25, 2016

Boston, MA - Lead UX/Experience Designer wanted for Fortune 5000 UX Innovation Lab

Fortune 5000
Lead UX Designer
Boston, MA

Are you a User Experience Designer who wishes to be more engaged, challenged, and energized about going to work? Do you wish to expand your skill sets and competencies? Do you want to feel like an integral part of an organization's ecosystem?

Our client is a global, Fortune 5000 company with a flourishing in-house R&D Group.  Part of this division includes a forward-thinking UX-centric Innovation Lab that is breaking new ground in product development.They are a highly collaborative, cross-functional team. This team concepts, prototypes and develops new businesses and capabilities for this organization. Researchers in this group identify emerging industry trends and technologies to “bring the best of the outside in.” They collaborate with world-renown academic institutions and industry leaders to implement innovative ideas/practices company-wide.

We're looking for a freelance or full-time Lead User Experience Designer (or Experience Designer) with lean start up, design thinking and agile methodologies, to help us move ideas from concept to scale in a fast-paced environment. This person will have a background in user centered project- and product- work, and is comfortable in a full stack design environment. The ideal candidate will have some lean start-up methodology, solid interview techniques (design thinking), and a portfolio showcasing his/her beautiful visual design with iteration.

Daily responsibilities include the UX norm, such as identifying/tackling on a problem space, conducting user interviews, light wireframes and rapid iterations/clickable prototypes, gathering feedback, create polished visual comps, testing, etc.

Your portfolio should showcase your candidate’s design aesthetic, soup-to-nuts process, how to approach challenges (What's your recipe for success?), hand-drawn sketches, post-it notes on dry erase board, polish visual comps, the finished product and results generated. As part of the interview process, you'll be given a weekend homework assignment (not to worry, it will only take you a few hours).

Interested? Please submit resume w/portfolio to CarolTaylorRecruits(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you!

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